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Failure/Reliability Analysis & Testing
"Now that I have the results of tests conducted by the test laboratories, what do I do with it and what does this all mean?" Raw test data and results are of limited value to the clients unless the results are interpreted and meaning of the results explained in a language easily understood. At Consultek, first we assist our client to determine which of the tests will yield the most meaningful results saving both time and money. Next, we recommend the best test laboratories capable of performing the necessary tests in most expedient and cost-effective way. We analyze the data and help our client understand the results and recommend course of action Our multidisciplinary staff of consultants and experts has many years of experience in the analysis and prevention of failures, materials testing, and product design and evaluation. The group is frequently called upon to provide expert witness testimony and litigation support. Consultek Consulting Group provides a unique combination of testing, failure analyses, data interpretation and consulting for clients worldwide.
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