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Failures arising from hasty material selection are not uncommon in plastics or any other industry. For proper material selection, careful planning, a thorough understanding of plastic materials, and reasonable prototype testing are required. The material selection should not be solely based on cost. A systematic approach to material selection process is necessary in order to select the best material for any application. The proper material selection technique involves carefully defining the application requirement in terms of mechanical, thermal, environmental, electrical and chemical properties.
Consultek can assist and guide you through material selection process. We have worked with variety of polymers, from commodity, engineering and high performance to most exotic and specialty materials.
  High Temperature
  Thermally Conductive
  Conductive Plastics
  Nano Composites and Nano Tube Compounds
  Compounds formulated for medical applications
  Photoluminescent Materials
  Advanced Elastomers
  Advanced Fiber Compounds
  Flame retardant, Platable, Anti-stat, UV resistant, Special Effects
  High Purity Compounds
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