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The most innovative design and a very careful material selection cannot make up for poor processing practices. Molded-in stresses, voids, weak weld lines, and moisture in the material are some of the most common causes for premature product failures. Ignoring sound processing techniques in order to produce aesthetically pleasing parts generally results in parts lacking physical quality and disappointing production levels. The latest advancement in process control technology allows the processors to control the process with a high degree of reliability. Process related failures generally arise from four major categories:
  Improper material drying Cold or overheated material
  Under or over packing Improper additives/regrind mixing and utilization
Scientific approach to Injection molding is based on aforementioned fact. Everything is substantiated by scientific data and every decision must be backed by scientific data. Consultek's team of plastics experts have over 100 years of combined hands-on experience in every phase of injection molding operation. Our dedicated team of engineers and specialists are responsive to your individual needs and objectives; creating innovative, cost effective and sustainable manufacturing solutions.
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