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Technical Resources >> Book Reviews +Top Ten Books
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Book Reviews + Top Ten Books
Joining of Plastics, Handbook for Designers and Engineers Jordan Rotheiser 
Runner and gating Design Handbook by John Beaumont 
Selecting Injection Molds by Herbert Rees and Bruce Catoen 
Top Ten Books
Given the vast number of Plastics and Polymer Science related books, periodicals, journals and technical conference preprints available today, the task of selecting and deciding the most useful publications is extremely difficult. The question often posed by the readers is “which books should I buy? which ones will offer most for my investment? Of course the trick is to invest in the right book that is simple and easy to understand and offers well-rounded discussion of the subject matter without being extremely technical. The second most important item to look for is the quality of the reference section. A well-prepared reference section allows one to explore the subject in greater detail if necessary. Numerous illustrations throughout the book and a large appendix section certainly increases the versatility of the book and meets the goal of providing ready reference on the subject. The “Top Ten” list of must have books on any Plastics professional’s bookshelf has been compiled with above comments in mind and should prove very valuable. You may order all or any one of these books through SPE :
Top Ten List of Books
  • Whittington’s Dictionary of Plastics
    A classic reference book covering over 5200 terms saves one lots of time and energy looking for simple definition and explanation.
  • Plastics Engineering Handbook of the SPI, 5th edition
    This book is like an encyclopedia covering everything from basic information on Plastics materials to processes, tooling, design, material handling, compounding, assembling, decorating, and testing. The best overall, general purpose reference on Plastics technology.
  • Mold Engineering, by Rees, Herbert
    Invaluable book for anyone involved in injection molding and tooling. It is an excellent reference guide covering all aspects of tooling design and mold performance in easy-to-understand language.
  • Injection Molding Handbook by Rosato
    The best overall injection molding manual covering all the latest in injection molding technology including information on auxiliary equipment and molding techniques.
  • Plastics Part Design for Injection Molding by Malloy
    An introduction to Plastics Part design fundamentals presented in unique format that integrates material selection, part design, assembly and manufacturing considerations.
  • Plastics Failure Guide: Cause and Prevention by Ezrin
    One of the most useful and practical failure analysis guide, full of illustrations and references. The book focuses on actual field failures, causes and prevention.
  • Decorating Plastics by Margolis
    A comprehensive guide that covers all aspects of decorating plastics including painting, plating, vacuum metallizing and hot stamping.
  • Handbook of Plastics Testing and Failure Analysis, 3rd edition by Vishu Shah
    The only book of its kind currently available, written in easy-to-read and easy-to-use format. The emphasis is on significance of the tests rather than procedures. The book covers testing of all major properties, failure analysis, quality control and uniform global testing standards.
  • Industrial Plastics: Theory and Applications, 3rd edition by Richardson & Lokensgard
    One of the most economical books covering variety of subjects related to Plastics technology. The new edition includes Plastics recycling, ISO testing specifications, polymer chemistry and current health and safety updates.
  • Standards and Practices of Plastics Molders (1998)
    This recently revised practical handbook is a must for every molder. It covers everything from contractual obligations to mold tolerance specifications and guidelines for commercial and administrative practices.