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Plastic Experts and Expert Witness for Plastics
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Presentation Feb. 5, 2009
China - Tooling Procurement
India - Education and Training
Vancouver, WA -Failure Analysis
Las Vegas, NV - New Product Development
Los Angeles, CA- Expert Witness, Product Liability
Victorville, CA - Plant relocation / Expansion
Welcome to Consultek Group
Engineering & Consulting Services 
Consultek is a fully integrated Management and Technical Consulting Group for the Plastics and Medical industry with over hundred years of combined hands-on experience and strong Plastics and Mechanical Engineering educational background. We specialize in rapid prototyping, intricate and high volume complex tooling, offshore tooling, material selection, testing, injection molding, automation, and new product design and development.

Perhaps your organization can utilize our expertise, knowledge and experience to enhance, improve the operation or troubleshoot a specific problem, carry out a cost reduction, technical due diligence project or simply assess the feasibility of a new endeavor.

We provide Expert Witness Services to the legal community.